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Who We Are

Take a look at the specialists behind Infrastructure Services Group


Colin Brown - CEO


Colin has been in the telecoms industry for 34 years, starting when he joined the Royal Signals in 1986. Colin’s experience has derived from the Telecommunications Design & Construction environment, having participated in major global projects on Fixed and Mobile Networks over many years. Having accelerated in his career with several market leading companies, he has succeeded in positions such as Project Manager, Contracts Manager and Business Development Manager with various Fixed Line and Mobile Infrastructure Companies during his career.


Colin started all this as a young engineer whilst in the Army and took this experience into Civilian Life, where his skills, experience and leadership enabled him to participate in some major global telecom projects in all continents around the world. With ISG Colin has expanded beyond telecommunications sector and into more niche areas of Infrastructure Monitoring, in technologies such as Asset and Perimeter monitoring solutions with leading vendors. Because of these strategic relationships, ISG now represent three of the largest specialist monitoring vendors today.

Colin is continually looking for strategic relationships in the Infrastructure Monitoring sector in the UK and Africa and alongside the team has recently secured major contracts for ISG in West Africa.

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Richard Uponi - Legal Director

A versatile and incisive legal practitioner and administrator with extensive experience crossing borders, Richard  currently functions as the Legal and Business Development Director covering the Telecommunications and the Oil and Gas sectors in Nigeria and the rest of the West Africa region.

He has previously held managerial positions in multinational Oil and Gas and Telecommunications companies with over 20 years work experience and currently responsible for the managing of international partnerships and collaborations between ISG and offshore companies with the vision of creating in country capability in specialized areas currently unavailable in Nigeria.


Richard’s success is based on hard work, going the extra mile and prioritizing quality and timely delivery. He is passionate about driving Nigerian content with a vision of seeing Nigeria achieving a minimum of 75% self-sufficiency in the Telecommunications, Oil & Gas and manufacturing industries in the very near future.

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