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Subsea & Submarine Cable Solutions

Protection of Critical Sub Sea Infrastructures

As communities and businesses become more reliant on high specification communications and power networks, the threat of potential disruption becomes ever more real and of increasing consequence.

So, we must be ready to protect these assets against a wide range of threats - both accidental and intentional. ISG offers a diverse range of technical solutions that provide knowledge along the length of a linear asset - in this case a subsea power or communications cable.

The ISG technical solution needs access to just one spare optical fibre in the cable to provide any or all of the benefits of

distributed optical sensing.

Data is acquired all along the length of the optical fibre provided 100% coverage 24/7.

Long range distances are also possible through the networking of interrogators to a central server facility.

Advanced interpretation and analytical software tools allow the acquired data to generate knowledge regarding the state of the cable network.

Applications Include
  • Anchor drop

  • Trawler damage

  • Sabotage of onshore or near shore sections

  • Perimeter security

  • Fire protection at onshore sections

  • Cable movement/vibration

  • Optimising power management

The Technology

Distributed Temperature Sensing
  • Fire detection

  • RTTR for power cable

Distributed Acoustic Sensing

  • Detecting sabotage

  • Accidental damage

  • Perimeter security

  • Vessel movement

  • HV Breakdown

Distributed Strain Monitoring

  • Detecting structural health issues

  • Cable bending and movement

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