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Overhead Fibre Solutions

Overhead fibre Installation, characterisation and asset monitoring of critical infrastructure

As communities and industries become ever more dependent on high speed communications links, we understand the need to keep moving with the times to ensure we are ideally situated and ready to respond.
ISGs aim is to provide Owners/Operators of Linear Based Fibre Optic Infrastructure with the means of creating much more value from their asset other than the traditional voice and data services. 
ISG have developed multiple service offerings to support, Power and Telecommunications Companies understand what is happening with their assets and the impact of those assets to the local geography and by the environment due to global issues like climate change, poor design and build, or deterioration of those assets over time.
Our solutions range from full fibre characterisation, asset monitoring for acoustic, temperature or strain to design and full installation.
Overhead Monitoring Solutions utilising DAS/DTS
  • Pylon climbing or cutting
  • Unauthorised Activity
  • Attempts to pull down or steal overhead cables
  • Accidental damage to pylons
  • Galloping’ lines
  • Structural integrity
  • SkyWrap - A system of installing a fibre cable on an existing conductor.
  • Access Wrap - A system of installing a fibre cable on an existing conductor. Can be wrapped on conductor 10kV to 50kV Based on SkyWrap.
  • OPGW - Optical Ground Wire. A system of installing a fibre cable within a conductor.
  • OPPC - Optical Phase Conductor. A system of installing a fibre cable when Optical Ground Wire is not a viable option.
  • MASS – Metallic Aerial Self Supporting - Deployed on lines without ground wires, often installed without an outage, suitable in regions with high lightning activity.
Image by Berkeley Communications

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