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Perimeter Security

Providing real-time monitoring of assets such as Airports, Borders, Cables and Pipelines enabling real time alarms and precise locations for immediate response.

Airside perimeter breaches are becoming a more regular occurrence, aside from the immediate security risk to aircraft, staff and passengers the exponential cost of these breaches is in delays, potential diversions and the vast backlog of frustrated people in transit causing more pain for operators due to negative customer feedback.

These types of breaches cost airports and airlines alike tens of thousands of pounds for each individual event, even if that event is a false alarm.


Security at airports hasn’t changed at the same speed as technology and as such is typically designed with a perimeter security fence coupled with CCTV, more advanced airports can be found deploying ground radar systems and infrared sensors.

Using standard telecommunication grade fibre cables, Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology can monitor borders, compounds or perimeters of any size. It has the ability to detect motion type and give accurate locations for activities such as walking, digging, climbing or tunnelling, alerting the system user automatically with real-time events and precise locations.


DAS can be deployed either in a covert (buried) situation alongside the perimeter or visible (interwoven with the perimeter fence) providing a visible deterrent. The system can be designed to work on redundant paths in the event of a cut or break and still provide the operations team with the precise location of the alarm”.

DAS Perimeter Security

Will immediately detect the following unauthorised activities;

  • Footsteps or vehicles

  • Fence tampering or climbing

  • Manual or mechanical digging

  • Tunnelling

  • Cable theft or interferance

It also has the additional benefits of;

  • Algorithms to filter threats from “normal” activities

  • Precise location of alarm event

  • Long range PTZ/NIR Camera Integration and automated activation

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Image by Markus Spiske
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