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Welcome to Infrastructure Services Group

Working with global clients on Infrastructure characterisation and monitoring to enable smart Infrastructure helping reducing emissions and minimising climate change


Infrastructure Services Group Ltd was formed in 2020 to provide Owners/Operators of Linear Based Fibre Optic Infrastructure with the means of creating much more value from their asset other than the traditional voice and data services. 


ISG have developed multiple service offerings to support Submarine Cable Operators, Power Companies, Oil & Gas Operators, Mining Companies, Telecommunications Companies understand what is happening with their assets and the impact on those assets to the environment. Global issues like Climate Change, Poor Design and Build, or deterioration of those assets do have an impact on climate change.

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The company has won some major projects for 2021/2022 and it is an exciting time to join an organisation with very ambitious plans for the future. Infrastructure Monitoring is not a new concept, however ISG have designed and developed offerings that benefits owners of linear fibre asset. 


It is important to our future on this planet that we do everything within our capabilities to reduce emissions, and ensure our future is protected. SMART Cable and SMART Infrastructure is a huge component in that future.


ISG will be working from Sub Sea, to onshore in various parts of the world in 2021 and educating many more new clients in the importance and value proposition of Infrastructure Monitoring. Excited for 2021


Perimeter Security

Providing real-time monitoring of assets such as Airports, Borders, Cables and Pipelines.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Subsea & Submarine Cables

Protection of Critical Sub Sea Infrastructures

Image by Goh Rhy Yan

Monitoring Solutions

Permanent, remote SF6 Leak detection and Gas Insulated Switchgear Monitoring 

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Overhead Fibre Solutions

Overhead fibre Installation, characterisation and asset monitoring of critical infrastructure

ISG’s hard work and dedication is increasingly being recognised by global infrastructure players for their in-depth knowledge and solutions to asset profiling and degradation monitoring.

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